Our Mission

Vivre was founded with the sole purpose of providing you, the athlete with the most effective and powerful sports recovery solutions available so you can crush your goals. We believe that optimal recovery and overall wellness is pivotal in order to keep you pushing forward in your daily pursuits. Whether you’re running the fastest 100m, climbing the highest summit or just simply pushing yourself to be better every day, we see you, believe in you and will be there with you every step of the way.


The Founders

For the founders (Ranj, Vik and Lak) keeping physically active is at the core of their lives. However, their love for sports was often met with frustration due to repeatedly picking up injuries and having little success with various recovery products out there.

After hearing about the impact CBD was having on professional athletes, the founders were left stunned by the impact it had on their own wellness and recovery. Their injury time had decreased, reduced soreness and inflammation after punishing workouts and an overall sense of calm that became the new norm. It was in this moment that they realised the incredible impact this could have on the lives and performance of all athletes no matter their background. 

Vivre was founded with one goal in mind – to become the number one sports recovery brand using CBD based products.